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Helping Clubs Realize their Potential

CRED provides innovative financing that helps supercharge the growth of Clubs.


Clubs in the Top Leagues

How it works

CRED Helps Clubs Innovate and Stay Ahead

CRED works closely clubs and their commercial teams to provide financing and support long term commercial growth.

Upfront Investment

We invest in your club from the outset. We provide cutting edge data to give the club an edge.

Maintain Control

CRED provides capital without the strings attached.

Competitive Advantage

CRED provides Clubs with a technological and data edge over the competition.

we’re on your side

Part of your team

CRED has aligned interest in seeing the Club Grow and as such provides ongoing support, intelligence and relationships that can help the Club reach their goals.

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“CRED technology and intelligence provides a real competitive edge.”

Club Commercial Director
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