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The CRED Onfield products bring AI-driven recommendations to clubs, agencies and players for transfers, scouting, contract negotiation and performance.

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Clubs use CRED Onfield to evaluate existing squad members, identify undervalued talent, find buyers, negotiate deals and more.


CRED Onfield helps agents identify up-and-coming talent in their regions, monitor roster performance and negotiate contracts.


Players count on CRED Onfield for advanced performance analysis, identifying new club opportunities and making sure they get paid what they're worth.

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The most comprehensive database in football


Professional footballers

When it comes to performance, details matter and nobody has more player data than CRED. We track and predict every move from advanced performance data to career projections for virtually every player.


Professional football clubs

CRED provides a holistic sporting view of clubs from over 1800 leagues around the world, providing unparalleled insights on club's squad, staff and standing.


Advanced performance analytics

CRED gives you access to the future of player performance tracking, going beyond traditional statistics to deliver specific, actionable insights for players, staff and agents.

CRED offers you the widest and deepest possible view of the market.


Mobile and desktop apps

Slick, easy-to-use interfaces on both mobile and desktop enable you to access and use information instantly, whenever and wherever you need it.

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The CRED Onfield app powers football decision-makers at the highest level, from Premier League club CEOs to Champions League club sporting directors to industry-leading agents.


Personalised AI insights

CRED's deep-learning algorithms incorporate thousands of data points to help you make optimal decisions for your needs and give you an unprecedented edge.

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Player and club recommendations

CRED provides data-driven recommendations on players and clubs across all positions and relevant geographies, helping you unearth value and opportunity ahead of the competition, wherever you need it.

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